About Buellton


Buellton is located on US Highway 101 in the Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County. Buellton has an estimated population of 4,552. Within a six mile radius are four picturesque villages: the Danish City of Solvang; the western town of Santa Ynez; and the quaint rural communities of Ballard and Los Olivos. Larger cities in the area include Santa Barbara, 40 miles to the southeast via US 101; Santa Maria, 35 miles to the north on US 101; Lompoc, Vandenberg Air Force Base and Vandenberg Village, 17 miles to the west along State Highway 246. Los Angeles is two hours south of Buellton on US 101, and San Francisco is about a five hour drive north on US 101 or scenic Highway 1.


Buellton was incorporated on February 1, 1992 and operates under a five-member City Council, five-member Planning Commission, five member Parks and Recreation Commission and City Manager form of government. The City adopted a general plan and also established a Redevelopment Agency for a project area of about 180 acres in November 1993. The City Council members also serve as members of the Redevelopment Agency, and the City Manager holds the title of Executive Director of Redevelopment. City Council meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month in the Council Chambers at 140 West Highway 246. Redevelopment Agency meetings are convened immediately following the council meeting adjournment. Planning Commission meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the first and third Thursdays of each month in the same hearing room. Parks & Recreation Commission meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the fourth Monday of each month in the same hearing room.

City Services

The City of Buellton is served by the following utilities:


Buellton enjoys a Mediterranean coastal climate with mild, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Typical summer temperatures are in the 80s and winter temperatures hover in the 60s. Winter lows are generally in the 30s with an occasional frosty dip below freezing. Yearly precipitation averages about 13 inches between the months of November and March. Storms usually come from the northwest during the winter months. Our air quality is exceptional and offshore afternoon winds from the northwest occur throughout the year. “Santa Ana” winds also occur during the fall and winter. These are warm, dry northeasterly winds of 15-20 mph. The City of Buellton is 360 feet above sea level.


Buellton’s hotels and motels, with a total of 544 rooms, provide guests with a wide range of accommodation choices. For visitors who prefer campgrounds or RV travel, Flying Flags RV Park and Campground, and Rivergrove Mobile Home Park are ready to serve their needs. The Buellton area has a virtual smorgasbord of dining choices with a total of 17 restaurants.


Local air transportation needs are served by the 160-acre Santa Ynez Airport located just 7 miles east of Buellton on Highway 246. The Santa Ynez Airport has a 2,800 foot lighted runway that can accommodate DC-3's. Commercial airports include the Santa Barbara Airport located 40 miles southeast of Buellton on US 101 and the Santa Maria Airport located 35 miles north on US 101. Many local citizens commute to the surrounding areas for employment and there is a wide array of public and private buses and van pools transportation alternatives. In addition, the Santa Ynez Valley Transit system operates buses with regular routes and stops throughout the valley.


The climate and geography of the Santa Ynez Valley makes it a prime region for many agricultural operations. Horse and cattle ranches blanket the hills throughout the valley. There are also some very unique animals raised in the valley, including miniature horses, longhorn cattle, llamas, emus, ostriches, and mules. The most common crops raised in the Santa Ynez Valley include beans, squash, alfalfa, oat hay, and cauliflower for seed. In addition, almost 10,000 acres of the valley are lush vineyards. Over 30 wineries are located within a 15 mile radius of Buellton.

Other Services

The Buellton Union School District has two elementary schools serving the Buellton area. Jonata Middle School is at 301 Second Street and serves Kindergarten, and 4th through 8th grades. Oak Valley Elementary School is at 595 2nd Street and serves 1st through 3rd grades. The School District Superintendent is Tom Cooper. The Principal for both campuses is Jan Clevenger. Both can be reached at (805) 688-4222.

The Santa Ynez Valley Joint Union High School serves all five of the local communities and is located six miles east of Buellton. Zaca Center is a preschool and after school day care center for children operated by the County of Santa Barbara and located at 24 Six Flags Circle in Buellton. The Presbyterian Church near Ballard also operates a child day care center as well as a senior day care center.

Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital is located in Solvang with complete emergency and general services. There are four medical clinics in the valley, including the Buellton Medical Clinic, offering both appointments and Urgent Care walk-ins. The Solvang Lutheran Home and Friendship House both provide care for seniors. American Medical Response ambulance service operates out of Buellton with easy access to the 101 freeway, as well as local communities.

The Santa Ynez Valley News is the local weekly newspaper that covers and services the entire Santa Ynez Valley. You may contact the paper for a publication at (805) 688-5522. Other newspapers serving the local subscribers include the Santa Barbara News Press, Lompoc Record, Santa Ynez Valley Journal, and Santa Maria Times. Buellton has a public library located at 140 West Highway 246. The Santa Ynez Valley Senior Citizens Foundation operates the Buellton Senior Center at 164 West Highway 246 in Buellton. There are three churches within the City of Buellton, and many more scattered throughout the Valley. One of the most notable is the historic Old Mission Santa Ynez in Solvang.