Fee Procedure

Fees for development applications are established on the basis of hourly rates relative to average processing time, file storage, and material costs for such applications. Processing fees are established by a resolution of the City Council. A copy is available at the City Planning office. The fee is actually a deposit that is paid at the time the development applications are submitted. Actual labor hours, administrative costs, plan storage costs, and material costs are charged against the deposit.

Fee deposits are collected at three levels of the review process. There is the initial filing fee for the discretionary review process, fees for the plan check process, and if the pre-application option is used, fees are required at that time. Fees are also required when obtaining a building permit and at the time any maps or agreements are recorded. These latter fees are paid to and collected by the County departments.

Before a project is heard by the Planning Commission, all costs to date and projected costs for processing are tallied. Any balance over the amount deposited must be submitted to the City before the hearing on the applications. If the amount due has not been received, the applications will either be continued, if mandated time limits permit, or the item will be denied without prejudice. Such a denial will nullify the application and a new application and fees will be required for further processing. A final accounting will take place at the time a final land use clearance is requested. Any remaining balance will be refunded. Any balance outstanding will be billed and must be paid before any land use clearance is issued.

If the application is withdrawn during the review process, fees will be calculated for processing time, plan storage, and material costs up to the date the withdrawal letter is received. Any remaining amount will be refunded to the applicant of record. If costs have exceeded the deposit amount, the applicant will be notified and will receive a billing of the outstanding amount. Payment must be received within thirty (30) days of the date of the letter and billing. Failure to pay the amount in the prescribed time will result in further action.

If there are any questions on this procedure or if you need further information or applications, please call the City Planning Department at (805) 688-7474.